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ATEX Junction Boxes

• Versions

     > Analogues for 4, 6, 8 and 16 load cells (Aluminium)

          > Potentiometer of 25 Ohms for better adjustment

          > Possibility of direct connection without potentiometer (Auto calibration)

     > Digitals for 4, 6, 8 and 16 load cells (Aluminium)

          > Individual switch ON/OFF for each  load cell

          > Rearmable thermal fuses

     > Analogues for 4 load cells (ABS)

• Protected against humidity IP68

• With gas dischargers to Project against atmospheric discharges


     > Ex II 1GD

     > Ex ia IIIC 85ºC Da // Ex ia IIC T4...T6 Ga

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Public Scale with Multi Coin Selector

PnW Plug&Work feature.

Perfect complement when using RFID access cards.

Use at same time both ways of working: RFID radiocards identification and SC-MND with button, coins and/or chips.

Let weighing rights and free access only to your customers, and force others to coin introduction.

Any coin type (Euro) and 2 programmable coins or chips are allowed.

Personal RFID card may be as well comfortably taken along in your notecase.

Antivandalic components and design.

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IP68 analogue and digital junction boxes range

Analogue and digital formats junction boxes for 4, 6 and 8 load cells
Duralumin housing and galvanic paint finished
PG9 cable gland. Until Ø≤8mm can be achieved
Gas dischargers against athmospheric perturbations and lightings
Rubber junction along whole perimeter for better tightness
o ON/OFF switches for each load cell
o Resettable thermal fuses
o 50 Ω potentiometers for better corners adjusts
o Avoiding potentiometer direct connection may be done for easiest autocalibration

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Totally Laser welded single-point BS load cells range

IP68 total protection against humidity.
Automatized Laser welding.
Totally stainless steel made load cells.
Actual available models: BS-1, BS-2
(Ask for capacities).

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